Nan Hayes is expert advisor and contributor to, Caring Transitions, SIRVA Corporation, the National Association of Realtors and more!


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As with all of life's transitions, there are unique  challenges and many opportunities for personal growth as health, finances, geography and social standing shift and change in later life.

We’re committed to helping folks navigate the many changes that take place throughout  home and care transitions.



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Author of the "RightSized Living®" series, Hayes' articles on home transition ,decluttering  and selling in safety have also been featured in the highly acclaimed CSA Journal.

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Nan Hayes and RSL's Later Lifestyles client and services are featured in the Life Focus documentary 'Young at Heart." 

 We are currently enjoying the expansion of our Estate Settlement and in-home Later Lifestyles services. Contact us for information. 

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For over two decades RSL Companies have provided support for consumers and businesses in areas of housing, high-end real estate and late life home transitions. 
Our Goals? To provide older adults and their families with seamless transitions, post-retirement housing options, and high standards of service .

RSL Services  and" as featured on RLTV's  Emmy winning program. ( was sold in 2011). 

President Nan Hayes founded RSL as a service organization, helping older adults and their families embrace the concept of "RightSized Living®" as they downsize and move from family home to Senior Housing.

Subsequently, Hayes pioneered senior real estate, senior home staging and senior move management services by authoring  the industry's original Senior Relocation training programs, developing the leading referral network at  and sponsoring the industry's only independent certification credential .


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